Social Responsibility

  • IMPACT NOW PROGRAM to hire transitioning veterans, spouses, and extended family job opportunities by preparing them with extensive culture assimilation into the workforce.

  • Partner with local military job placement (San Diego Military Advisory Council)

  • Partner with San Diego Workforce Partnership

  • Robust Culture Assimilation Onboarding for military

  • (30, 60, 90 days)

    • Partner with a Mentor

    • Meet weekly first 30 days

    • Meet bi-weekly, 30-60 days



  • Veterans from all service branches

  • Every veteran is screened by an AVIVV Executive and CEO

  • Why Military Veterans?

  • Constant pipeline of talented individuals familiar with high-stakes decision-making.

  • Proven Leadership, Accountability and Work Ethic.

  • Relentless dedication to Mission Accomplishment.

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