Alzheimer's San Diego, Our Personal Story Continues

7-15-2020 Wednesday

Local News Station shares the Alzheimer's Motorcycle Ride Event. Erica Beal is asked to share her personal story, and also describe how this event benefits her community and the people involved.

Play the video above to see "Our Story"

This Event is really something special for Erica Beal to be a part of. Her grandma "Garcia" lost her battle with Alzheimer's. Although she is no longer here, this particular event keeps her memory alive.

Many people can relate to losing someone in their family. We hope this story encourages people to be a part of something, to keep memories alive, and to impact others in a positive way. Grandma Garcia is our hero and a blessing in many ways.

Who's your hero? Share your Story...We'd love to hear from you!

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